First Movers — in Cairo

20 – 26.6.2019

In the summer of 2018, we showed the exhibition ‘First Movers’ on Kløvermarksvej, with models in scale 1:5 of Egyptian furniture from the age of the pharaohs.

The models are created by architect Dan Svarth, who for more than 30 years has worked with the ancient Egyptian furniture, which in many cases has been a source in a wide range of the modern Danish furniture designs that today are renowned furniture classics.

The Danish architect Finn Juhl was very inspired by the Egyptian furniture findings from the pharaohs, some of which are 5000 years old. The inspiration is clearly seen in eg. Juhls The Egyptian Chair and in the Chieftain’s Chair, which we had on display in the recently held presentation of the ‘First Movers’-exhibition at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

H.E. Prof. Dr. Khaled El-Enany, The Minister of Antiquities, opened the showcased ‘First Movers’ exhibition Thursday  June 20 at the Egyptian Museum and so the exhibition returned to where it all started.

Dan Svarth joined us for this opening together and the Danish Ambassador to Egypt, Tomas Christensen and our collaborative partners on this exhibition: House of Finn Juhl and Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative.