Graduation ’20 – KADK Crafts: Glass & Ceramics

18.9. – 4.10.2020

The Graduation2020 exhibition consists of works made by 13 graduates from the program Crafts: Glass and Ceramics from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Bornholm.

‘The exhibition is the culmination of three years of study, where we have been immersed in and challenged glass and ceramics as materials within the fields of craft and design.

There is a tendency to draw and seek inspiration from stories and narratives around us, as we try to transform and translate our own artistic language of craft. The group has drawn inspiration from different craft traditions and cultural phenomena such as relations to objects, identity and folklore from Bornholm.

The works reference traditional techniques and challenge current beliefs of how craft is perceived; what it could look or feel like. This is expressed through material experiment, digital fabrication, and function captured in objects.

The exhibition combined is a manifold aesthetic landscape manifested in the many facets of craft: bright colors materialized in ceramic glaze, the translucency of glass, the tactile surfaces of materials.

Craft has always been here and will always be. Craft is in everything that surrounds us. It is a gesture of skills handed from the maker. Graduation2020 is a story of the tradition and renewal of craft by 13 graduates from KADK Crafts: Glass and Ceramics, Bornholm.’

The Graduation class of 2020:
Jessica Rios Gómez, Maja Højgaard, Alexander Kirkeby, Aya Simone Bækhøj Schmidt, Lærke Møller Hansen, Isabel Schiller Buus, Johanne Marie Jensen, Belázs Tegdi, Anna Reimers Overbeck, Cecilie Romanini Zwergius, Maria Mai Paulsen, Maja Ejby og Sophie Louise Pedersen.