Graduation 2021

26.11.2021 – 30.1.2022

The exhibition Maker’s Dimension consists of pieces presented by 15 graduating students from The Royal Academy at Bornholm – Crafts in Glass and Ceramics.

The exhibition shows the culmination of three years’ work, where the students have immersed themselves into exploring and challenging the materials of glass and ceramics within design and crafts. 

There has been an all round tendency to seek inspiration in our surrounding narratives, which transforms into each of our individual artistic expressions. As a group we have found inspiration in different artisan’s traditions and cultural phenomena, which in one way or the other is eloquent of contemporary culture. This exhibition is an initiative to spark a dialogue between object and viewer. ‘

We hereby invite you to explore the result – Maker’s Dimension.

— Annamaria Margareth Hartvig-Clausen, Armel Desrues, Clara Rudbeck Toksvig, Hanna Torvik, In Kyong Lee, Jasmin Franko, Josephine Alberthe Molter, Laura Godsk Vestergaard, Maren Gammelgaard Aaserud, Maria Kildahl Mathiasen, Nathalie Cohn, Sara Vinderslev Mirkhani, Signe
Boisen, Thea Dejligbjerg Djurhuus, Tiphanie Germaneau

Photos by Kirstine Autzen, video by IDOART