Niels Gammelgaard

19.5. – 17.7.2022

Designer Niels Gammelgaard has over time designed a wealth of furniture for IKEA. The first back in 1975. One day he found his own IKEA designs at a Swedish flea market. From there, the collection grew – and now Niels Gammelgaard’s LOPPIS finds have become an exhibition here in Bygning A.

More than 50 different designs, over the period 1975 through 2005, have been created. Folding chairs, armchairs, stacking chairs, sofas, tables, shelving systems. Chairs in colored metal wire, in bright coloured plastic, in steel wires. Most are bare, no leather, no fabric.

Many of the furniture sends us directly back to our teenage days or childhood: ‘Do you remember that one?’ And anything other than recognition would also be almost weird. The chair Järpen (in the photo above it is the white metal armchair) sold in huge numbers, up to 4,000 a week, for many years.

With this exhibition, we crawl across piles and into the back, where Niels has also been, at a Swedish flea market and find the furniture again.