22.10. – 20.12.2020

Designer Sara Martinsen is drawn towards plants and concerned about how to best use the Earth we all live on and off. In the exhibition PHYTOPHILIA she explores how plants and plant fibres can be used, aestetically and functionally with different purposes.

Sara comments on the exhibition and talks about her project with the plants:

‘We are raised and educated to believe in the importance of leaving a mark. When in fact we need to leave zero and nothing. This is where the plant fibers become relevant. They can vanish and degrade.

PHYTOPHILIA is a beautiful and inspiring material library with plant fibers.

It is a chance to experience the raw plant fibers up close, to see, smell, feel and observe. We need to stimulate our sense of responsibility, our critical sense and our senses in general.’

Welcome to a world of PHYTOPHILIA.

Photocredit: Christian Bang and Kristian Holm