Uppercut Dance Theatre

21.9. – 1.10.2021

Uppercut Danseteater/Uppercut Dance Theatre has just for a while entered Bygning A building the exhibition space into a long stage for the performance PLEJER ER DØD – LIMBO / What must die – LIMBO, which you can see from September 21st to October 1st 2021. Go follow the transformation in the highlight LIMBO at Instagram @bygninga

LIMBO is the second part of Uppercut Dance Theatre’s trilogy WHAT WAS MUST DIE.

LIMBO is the abyss of doubt. In LIMBO, uncertainty seethes and ties knots on the tail of the pig. LIMBO is the infinite tunnel find ourselves in when our self-confidence fails. In LIMBO, we must acknowledge and work our way through our audacity, vileness and other disgraces, in order to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel – if we’re lucky.

Buried deep in the muck, the bastard in us fights itself free and challanges the uncertainty and broken self-confidence that arises when you cannot find yourself. Because where do you go when your actions have led to being excluded from of the club?

In LIMBO, the audience becomes witnesses to the pig’s struggle to avoid ending up on the slaughter bench.

Inspired by ancient death rituals from Trinidad and Tobago, live music brings the rousing rhythms of limbo to life. Join us on the long journey as “Pig” tumbles broken, searching but, after all, hopeful through his personal journey in LIMBO’s horrific inferno.

Expected duration 55 minutes.
Recommended from 14 years.


Stephanie Thomasen

Alexander Skjold Henriksen


Johan Kølkjær

Baldrian Sector

Betina Rex

Andreas Buhl

Weirdwear / Stephanie Thomasen

Alessandro Sousa Pereira, Alexander Skjold Henriksen, Linn Fletcher, Mark Philip og Giorgia Reitani

The performance is supported by: